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Extract From To Position


Extracts the text of SourceValue from the position indicated in Condition1Value to the position indicated in Condition2Value.


Extract from this generic code (88-1234Z) from position 3 through 6

OriginValue: "88-1234Z".

Condition1Value: "3".

Condition2Value: "6".

ProcessValue: "1234"



Value Value2 Relation Relationship2 Operation Factor
3 6 Extract from to position


If SourceValue "" Then

If Condition1Value "" Then

If Condition2Value "" Then

If IsNumeric(Condition1Value) Then

If IsNumeric(Condition2Value) Then

ProcessValue = SourceValue.Substring(Condition1Value, Condition2Value)

End If

End If

End If

End If

End If

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