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Conecta HUB has taken transformations to an advanced level, offering a wide range of operations that facilitate and optimise the ETL process. Currently, Conecta HUB has more than 100 operations distributed in various categories:

  • ConsultationOperations to interrogate and filter data, as well as to perform specific searches within datasets.
  • MathematicsFunctions and operations that allow calculations to be performed, from basic arithmetic operations to more complex functions.
  • Text stringsOperations related to the manipulation and management of text strings, such as concatenation, division, replacement, among others.
  • ValidationData integrity, accuracy and conformity check: Functions to verify the completeness, accuracy and conformity of data.
  • Date and TimeOperations that facilitate the manipulation, conversion and calculation of dates and times.
  • ConditionalOperations that allow decisions to be made based on certain conditions or criteria, such as IF, ELSE, SWITCH, among others.
  • GeospatialOperations related to geographic data, such as coordinate conversion, calculation of distances or determination of geographic areas.
  • Type conversionFunctions allowing to change the data type, e.g. from text to number or from date to text.
  • AggregationOperations to sum, count, average or perform other forms of aggregation on data sets.
  • Standardisation and NormalisationFunctions that help to bring data into a common or standard format.
  • Data enrichmentOperations that allow additional information to be added to existing data, such as the addition of demographic data based on postcodes.
  • DeduplicationFunctions that identify and remove duplicate records in a dataset.


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