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Advanced options

Within the Conecta HUB, individual tasks are grouped into what are called "workflows". A workflow is essentially a sequence of tasks that are executed in a specific order to achieve a broader data integration or transformation goal.

Dynamic Parameters

Beyond simply establishing source and destination connections, Conecta HUB offers the ability to define advanced values through dynamic parameters. These parameters can be set in two ways:

  1. Manually by the UserThe user can enter specific values directly into the source grid.
  2. Logical Rule ConstructionConnect HUB: Connect HUB allows you to define logical rules that determine how these parameters are set, based on certain conditions or business logic.

Grouping and Operations

A powerful feature of Connect HUB is the ability to group data based on a specific column and then apply operations to that grouping. For example, if you have an inventory table with multiple entries for different warehouses, you can group the data by the "warehouse" column. Then, on that grouping, you can apply an operation, such as a sum, to the "Inventory" field. This would give you the total inventory for each warehouse.

Customisation of the Origin Grid

To make reading and handling data easier, Conecta HUB allows you to customise which columns are displayed in the source grid. This is especially useful when working with large tables with many columns. Although some columns may not be shown in the grid, all columns, visible or not, are available for use in transformations. This ensures that, while simplifying the view for better readability, the ability to work with all available data is not lost.

Inner Join

ConectaHUB has the ability to make links between sources from different times as long as there is a key field between those data sources. This possibility allows for example to make an inner join between the results of an API endpoint call and the result of a MySQL database query.

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