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The run frequency setting is an essential component of any ETL tool, as it determines when and how regularly data is extracted, transformed and loaded.

Specification in Seconds

Conecta HUB allows users to specify the frequency of execution in seconds, which offers great flexibility in determining how often a process runs.

Days of the Week and Active Hours

You can select which days of the week you want the process to run and, within those days, specify the active hours. This is useful for scheduling runs during non-working hours or when there is less load on the systems.

Last Synchronisation Display

Connect HUB provides a function to visualise when the last synchronisation was performed, which helps users to monitor and verify the execution of tasks.

History Log

The history log is essential to track and diagnose any problems or errors that may arise during implementation.

Previous Period in Seconds

This is an advanced feature that allows users to set a previous period in seconds. This means that, instead of simply taking data since the last update, ETL will go back an additional period (specified in seconds) to retrieve previous data. This is useful to ensure that no data is lost in the event of interruptions or delays in data sources.

Delays and Periodicity 

You can configure delays between executions and define the periodicity with which tasks are executed.

Task Units

You can set tasks to run only after another specific task is completed.


In case of failure, Pentaho allows you to set a specific number of retries before marking the task as failed.

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