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Scalable Data Integration Platform

Conecta HUB is an IPaaS integration platform with ETL functionalities that synchronizes information between two or more data systems.


Collections in Conecta HUB are sets of pre-defined templates that facilitate integration between various applications without the need to write code from scratch. These templates act as standardised interfaces that enable seamless communication between disparate systems, eliminating the complexity and time associated with manually creating integrations.


Conecta HUB is distinguished by its visual approach to customising and configuring integrations. Through intuitive visual wizards, users can modify and adapt Collections to meet specific business requirements. This visual orientation ensures that even those without deep technical knowledge can adapt and optimise integrations according to changing business needs.


The philosophy behind Conecta HUB is universal connectivity. It is a solution designed to integrate any application or data set, whether inside or outside the enterprise. This ability to "connect EVERYTHING" ensures that organisations can unify their technology ecosystem, regardless of the diversity of systems and platforms they use.

Artificial Intelligence

Conecta HUB recognises the value of structured data as an essential input for Machine Learning models. By facilitating data integration and structuring, the platform enables organisations to feed and train their AI models more efficiently, thus unlocking the true potential of artificial intelligence in their operations.


The multimodal capability of Conecta HUB refers to its ability to connect diverse sources of information. Whether it's applications, databases, APIs, spreadsheets, images or PDF files, Conecta HUB can integrate them seamlessly, providing a unified and consistent view of all business data.


Conecta HUB is particularly proficient at integrating transactional applications such as ERPs, Ecommerce systems, POS, CRMs and Marketplaces. In doing so, it enables companies to offer an omni-channel experience to their customers, ensuring that information and transactions flow seamlessly between all touch points.


Beyond simple integration, Conecta HUB also facilitates data analysis. As a transaction-enabled platform, it also makes it possible to connect and structure data for deep analysis. Organisations can define specific business metrics and automate tracking, providing valuable insights for decision making.


Conecta HUB gives users full control over the configuration of Tasks and Transformations. This means that, beyond the standard functionalities, users can customise and adjust all platform parameters to perfectly align with business specificities and requirements.


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