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Introducing Conecta HUB

Conecta HUB is an IPaaS integration platform with ETL functionalities that synchronizes information between two or more data systems.


connect hub etl connector

ETL software

Our application employs ETL processes that EXTRACTS, TRANSFORMS AND LOADS (Extract, Transform, Load) a compilation of data from an unlimited number of sources, organises and centralises it in a single repository (DataLake) or delivers it in real time to the target technologies.

For onpremise environments, where the technology is stored locally for security reasons or other requirements defined by the company's systems policy, the installation is carried out on the server where the data of the ERP system or other management systems are stored. From that point, communication is carried out between different types of origins (SQL Server, ODBC, Access, API, XLS) and the technologies of the systems to be connected.

The distributed architecture of Conecta HUB brings multiple operational, performance and security benefits:

Connects Multi-origin, multi-destination and multi-modal HUBs

  • ScalabilityA distributed architecture allows you to scale horizontally, which means you can add more nodes to the system as needed. This is especially useful when you handle large volumes of data or require high performance.
  • Integration and ConnectivityConecta HUB can be easily integrated with other systems and platforms, facilitating connectivity and interoperability.


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