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Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence

Opportunities and Needs


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are transforming the way businesses operate and make decisions. They enable companies to automate processes, improve efficiency, gain deeper insights and deliver personalised customer experiences. However, for these technologies to be effective, they need access to large volumes of high-quality data. Conecta HUB can play a vital role here, pulling data from a multitude of sources, transforming it as needed and loading it into AI/ML systems.


Case Studies


Large-scale data processing:

With Conecta HUB, you can extract data from a multitude of sources, transform it as needed and load it into AI/ML systems. This ability to handle large volumes of data is essential for training AI/ML models.


Real-time updating of AI/ML models:

With Conecta HUB, you can feed your AI/ML models with real-time data, allowing your models to adapt and learn from changes in data patterns as they occur.


Automation of data processing tasks:

Conecta HUB can automate data processing tasks that are repetitive and error-prone, such as data cleansing, outlier detection and handling, and data normalisation.


Heterogeneous data integration:

With Conecta HUB, you can integrate data from various sources and formats, creating homogeneous data sets that can be used to train more efficient and accurate AI/ML models.


Unstructured data mining:

Conecta HUB can extract unstructured data, such as text and images, and transform it into formats that can be used by AI/ML systems.


Data enrichment:

With Conecta HUB, you can enrich your data with additional information from external sources, which can improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your AI/ML models. For example, we can extract from a business management system the name and brand of a product, and ask an artificial intelligence like ChatGPT to generate a descriptive commercial text with an optimal word length for SEO and bring that information to the target Ecommerce or Marketplace.


Examples of Solutions


Conecta HUB can integrate with a wide range of AI/ML tools, whether they are cloud solutions, on-premise solutions or even open source frameworks. Examples of these tools include TensorFlow, PyTorch, Amazon SageMaker, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, IBM Watson and many more. Thanks to its ability to handle any type of data and its flexibility to adapt to any AI/ML system, Conecta HUB can be a valuable component in any AI/ML strategy.

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