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Internet of Things (IoT)

Opportunities and Needs


The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionising the way we interact with the physical world. From temperature sensors in a cold chain, to location trackers in vehicle fleets, the IoT is generating an immense amount of data that offers unprecedented insight into our operations. But this data is only valuable if we can collect, organise and analyse it effectively.


Connect HUB enables businesses to do just that. Its ability to interface with a wide variety of IoT devices and sensors ensures that all data generated can be collected securely and effectively. Once collected, this data can be organised, analysed and presented in a way that provides the most complete and useful view possible.


Case Studies


Fleet Management:

A logistics company has location trackers installed on all its vehicles. Conecta HUB can collect this data in real time, allowing the company to track its vehicles at all times and improve the efficiency of its routes.


Temperature Control:

A supermarket chain uses temperature sensors in its cold chain to ensure food quality. Conecta HUB can collect this data and generate alerts in case of any anomalies.


Energy Consumption Monitoring:

A company wants to reduce its carbon footprint by monitoring and optimising its energy consumption. With Conecta HUB, this data can be collected and analysed to identify possible areas for improvement.


Production Monitoring:

In a factory, several IoT devices may be monitoring production. Conecta HUB allows this data to be collected, providing detailed insight into production efficiency and helping to identify potential problems.


Security and Surveillance:

A company uses cameras and sensors to improve the security of its premises. Conecta HUB can collect and analyse this data, enabling more effective security control.


Environment and Sustainability:

A smart city uses IoT sensors to monitor air quality and water consumption. Conecta HUB can collect this data and help decision-makers implement more sustainable and effective policies.


Examples of Solutions


Conecta HUB is capable of interfacing with a wide variety of IoT devices and sensors. Whether it's location trackers, temperature sensors, energy meters, production equipment, security systems or environmental sensors, Conecta HUB provides the perfect solution to collect, organise and analyse this data.


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