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Business management (ERP / CRM / WMS)

Opportunities and Needs


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and business management solutions are at the heart of any business. They cover a broad spectrum of critical functions and processes, from supply chain management and manufacturing operations to accounting and customer relationship management. However, these systems are often complex and can operate in silos, which can make interoperability and data access challenging. Conecta HUB can help unlock and unify this data through its ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) capabilities, enabling businesses to leverage their data to gain a holistic view of their operation and make data-driven decisions.


Case Studies


Synchronisation of inventory data:

Conecta HUB can extract inventory data from an ERP system and load it into an e-commerce platform to ensure accuracy and consistency of product information.


Sales performance analysis:

With Conecta HUB, sales data can be extracted from an ERP system and fed into a Business Intelligence tool for real-time performance analysis.


Unification of customer data:

If a company uses an ERP system for financial management and a CRM for customer relationship management, Conecta HUB can synchronise customer data between these systems to ensure that all teams have the most current and accurate information.


Financial consolidation:

If a company operates in different regions and uses multiple accounting systems to suit local needs, Conecta HUB can unify this financial data to provide a consolidated view of the company's financial performance.


Automation of supplier management:

Conecta HUB can extract supplier data from different systems, transform it according to the company's needs and load it into the ERP system, ensuring consistency and up-to-dateness of supplier data.


Supply chain optimisation:

Conecta HUB can extract order data from an ERP and load it into a supply chain management tool to enable efficient tracking of shipments and optimise logistics operations.


Examples of Solutions


Conecta HUB can integrate with a variety of ERP and business management systems, regardless of vendor. This includes market-leading solutions such as SAP, Oracle ERP Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365, QuickBooks and Sage, among others. Being technology agnostic, Conecta HUB can facilitate the interoperability of these systems with other applications and data sources, maximising the value of business data and improving operational efficiency.


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