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Business Intelligence and Business Analytics

Opportunities and Needs


In today's data-driven business environment, Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA) tools are essential to help companies understand and use the information they collect. These tools enable companies to analyse and visualise their data, identify trends and patterns, and make informed decisions. However, for these tools to be effective, they need access to accurate, up-to-date and relevant data. This is where Conecta HUB can help, by providing ETL capabilities that enable companies to extract, transform and load data from multiple sources into their BI and BA systems.


Case Studies


Unification of data from multiple sources:

Conecta HUB can extract data from a variety of sources, transform it as needed and load it into a BI or BA system, providing a unified view of data that facilitates analysis and decision making.


Real-time analysis:

By providing real-time ETL capabilities, Conecta HUB can help companies obtain real-time analytics, enabling them to respond quickly to emerging trends and changes in the business environment.


Automation of reports:

Conecta HUB can schedule data extraction, transformation and loading to automate reporting, freeing up time for data analysis and interpretation.


Improving data quality:

By providing data transformation capabilities, Conecta HUB can help companies improve the quality of the data that feeds their BI and BA systems, resulting in more accurate analytics and better informed decisions.


Cloud and on-premises data integration:

Conecta HUB can extract, transform and load data from both cloud and on-premises sources, enabling businesses to make the most of all their data.


Management of large volumes of data:

With its ability to handle large volumes of data, Conecta HUB can facilitate Big Data analysis, providing businesses with valuable insights that can help them gain a competitive advantage.


Examples of Solutions


Conecta HUB can integrate with a wide range of BI and BA tools, from cloud to on-premise solutions. Examples of these tools include Tableau, Power BI, Google Analytics, SAS, IBM Cognos and our pre-configured analytics dashboard solution, BI Studio. With its ability to handle any type of data and its flexibility to adapt to any BI or BA system, Conecta HUB can be a valuable component of any business analytics strategy.



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