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Opportunities and Needs


File handling and event management are two essential ways to manage information. Conecta HUB provides a simple and effective way to import, export and manipulate data in a variety of file formats and to manage events in real time to enable agile responses.


Organisations are moving towards event-driven architecture, where data is tracked and managed as it moves from one system to another. This shift from data at rest, typically accumulated in large data warehouses, to data in motion emphasises the need for solutions like Conecta HUB.


Case Studies


File Import/Export Automation:

Conecta HUB can automate the loading, transformation and storage of CSV, Excel or XML files, facilitating data management.


Batch File Processing:

When a company needs to migrate large volumes of data, Conecta HUB can automate the file processing process, saving time and reducing errors.


Real-Time Event Management:

With Conecta HUB, companies can configure events to be triggered in real time in response to certain conditions or at specific times. This facilitates quick reaction to circumstances and maximises opportunities.


Event-Driven Workflows:

Following the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) paradigm, Conecta HUB enables the design of workflows that are triggered based on specific events, which improves the automation and adaptability of data and business management processes.


Data Interoperability:

Conecta HUB ensures the interoperability of data, transforming it from one format to another so that it can be used in different systems.



Conecta HUB maintains high security standards during file processing and event management. It protects data transmission and maintains data security throughout the entire process.


The evolution of event-driven architecture


The shift towards an event-driven architecture represents a shift in the way businesses handle data. Instead of focusing on accumulating data in static repositories, companies are starting to pay more attention to data "in motion". With Conecta HUB, companies can track and manage data as it moves from one system to another, allowing them to respond quickly to changes and take advantage of opportunities in real time.


Examples of Solutions


With Conecta HUB, companies can manage their files and events with great efficiency. Workflows can be configured to import files from multiple sources, transform them as needed, and export them to target systems. Events can be configured to trigger specific workflows, allowing companies to respond quickly to circumstances. With Conecta HUB, file manipulation and event management become simple, secure and efficient.




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