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Examples. Databases

Technology supported by Conecta HUB

SQL Server

One of the most widespread database technology. Management systems such as Sage or Aqua use this technology for data storage.

Conecta HUB provides consultations on SQL language to carry out the reading of this type of technology. In addition, it also has the ability to perform UPDATE or INSERT within this database to insert orders placed in prestashop, for example.

In order to make the connection, it is necessary to have the user name and password of the SQL server. An indispensable tool is SQL Management.


Other types of Management Systems such as A3 or SQLPyme use the type of OBDC origin through Firebird to obtain data on products, customers, stock, etc, etc.

It will be necessary to generate a Firebird DSN on the ODBC source types.


Access MDB

Another technology supported by Conecta HUB are the files in .mdb format  Access type. We only need to indicate the path where the file is located and regenerate the SQL read statement to be performed on a specific table in the database.

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