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Databases / APIs

Opportunities and Needs


Databases and APIs represent two of the most common ways in which companies store and access their data. Each database and API has its own specificity, which can make it difficult to integrate with other systems. Conecta HUB can make this integration possible, allowing you to connect, transform and synchronise data between different databases and APIs, regardless of their technology, data structure or access protocol.


Case Studies


Database Integration:

Suppose a company has several SQL and NoSQL databases and needs to combine data from all of them to generate reports or analysis. With Conecta HUB, it is possible to extract data from these databases, transform it as needed and load it into a target system, all in an automated way.


Connection with APIs:

If an organisation uses external services that provide access to their data via APIs, Conecta HUB can help connect to these APIs, extract the necessary data and load it into internal systems. With Conecta HUB, you can access a JSON editor that has all the authentications available on the market to be able to visualise any endpoint.


Data Transformation:

Databases and APIs can have different data structures and formats. With Conecta HUB, this data can be transformed into a common format for easy integration and analysis.


Process Automation:

Conecta HUB can automate the extraction, transformation and loading of data to and from databases and APIs. This saves time and reduces the possibility of errors.


Real-Time Data Synchronisation:

With Conecta HUB, data can be synchronised in real time between different databases and APIs, ensuring that you always work with the most up-to-date information.


Security and Compliance:

With Conecta HUB, data transfer and transformation processes comply with security standards. It also has measures in place to prevent malicious SQL injection. Its distributed data architecture allows data to be hot-stored between source and destination without storing it in any external repository, which increases security and protects privacy.


Examples of Solutions


Conecta HUB can connect to a wide variety of databases and APIs, from the most traditional ones such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, to the most specific and modern ones such as Google Firebase, Elasticsearch, etc. It also has a complete visual SQL editor that allows complex queries to be performed without the need to write code. In terms of APIs, it can connect to any RESTful API, SOAP, GraphQL, etc., allowing companies to take advantage of external services and data in their own systems. In short, Conecta HUB is an enabler of data interoperability in organisations.


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