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Areas of application

Conecta HUB is an ETL that works with different types of data and storage systems.


Conecta HUB ecommerce erp connector

Conecta HUB is presented as a highly versatile integration-as-a-service (iPaaS) ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) platform capable of connecting to a wide range of data sources, both internal and external to a company. Its capabilities encompass not only the simple transfer of data, but also its cleansing, transformation and enrichment, thus providing added value for business operations and decision making.

The following are the 8 types of data sources that Conecta HUB can interact with:

  1. ERP / Business Management: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are crucial to the day-to-day organisation and workflow of a business. Conecta HUB has the ability to connect with these platforms, extracting, transforming and loading data to drive operational efficiency and data-driven decision making.
  2. CMS / Web / Ecommerce / Marketplaces: Content management systems (CMS), e-commerce platforms and marketplaces generate valuable data on customer behaviour, sales and market trends. Conecta HUB can integrate this data with other business systems to gain a more complete view of customer activity and sales performance.
  3. Business Intelligence and Business Analytics: These systems collect and analyse data from multiple sources to provide valuable business information. Conecta HUB can interface with these tools, enhancing a company's ability to track performance, identify trends and make informed decisions.
  4. Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence: Machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies are becoming increasingly important in the business world. Conecta HUB can incorporate the insights produced by these technologies into its workflows, thus improving a company's ability to learn from its data and make intelligent decisions.
  5. Databases / APIs: Conecta HUB can interface with a wide range of databases and APIs. This allows companies to extract and manipulate data from a variety of sources, providing the flexibility to respond to changing business needs.
  6. Archives / Events: Whether data is stored in files or generated by real-time events, Conecta HUB can handle both. This allows companies to integrate real-time and historical data into their workflows and analytics.
  7. Big Data: In today's world, businesses generate and have access to large volumes of data. Conecta HUB can handle these large data sets, enabling companies to take advantage of Big Data to gain insights and improve business operations.
  8. Internet of Things (IoT): With the increasing prevalence of IoT devices, more and more data is being generated by these devices. Connect HUB can connect and integrate this data into a company's workflows and analytics, providing new opportunities to gain insights and improve operations.




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