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Product Infographic. Conecta Commerce

Conecta Commerce is a sales platform for the professional sector, wholesale companies and manufacturers.

It is a connected solution natively with the ERP or business management software used by the company, so that it can manage all its sales channels from a single application.

It is developed on PrestaShop 8.0It therefore has all the functionality of one of the most widely implemented solutions on the market worldwide.

Conecta Commerce implements more than 20 extended functionalities such as multi-warehouse management, advanced user permissions, multi-rate system, enhanced checkout options, etc.

It has a Private Area through which customers can access their Order History, Delivery Notes or Invoices, download fiscal and financial information, or consult their credit and balance.

Conecta Commerce is also a commercial mobility solution that allows the sales force to operate outside the office with all the up-to-date information they need (stock, product news, prices and special promotions).

Connect and automate your sales channels.


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