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Technical documents

Conecta Commerce, as an e-commerce platform aimed at the wholesaler and manufacturer distribution sector, offers the possibility of attaching technical documentation such as product data sheets, user manuals or guarantees.

Technical documents. Example Ecommerce

This information can be attached to the product file in the Ecommerce so that the customer can download them easily. And they can be uploaded in bulk through Conecta HUB simply by indicating the folder that will contain the files whose name will usually be the product code.

Other automated ways of attaching this documentation are through platforms such as IceCat or through APIs offered by manufacturers or manufacturers' associations.

The following are some of the reasons why these documents are essential:

Detailed information

These documents provide detailed information about the product, including specifications, features, installation instructions, and more. This is particularly crucial in a B2B environment, where products are often more complex and require more information than consumer products.

Confidence Building

Providing detailed and accurate information can help build trust between supplier and customer. Buyers can be confident that they are making an informed decision, often resulting in longer lasting business relationships.

Facilitates Comparison

In a B2B environment, buyers often need to compare products from different suppliers before making a decision. Datasheets and manuals facilitate this process by providing information in a standardised format that can be easily compared.

Reduce the Sales Cycle

The more information buyers have, the faster they can make a decision. This can shorten the sales cycle and allow both seller and buyer to move on to the next project or task more quickly.

After Sales Support

Manuals and datasheets are also useful tools after the sale, assisting in the installation, use and maintenance of the product. This can reduce the number of customer service enquiries and increase customer satisfaction.

Regulatory Compliance

In many industries, access to complete and accurate documentation is mandatory for compliance reasons. Ensuring that this information is readily available and easily accessible can help avoid legal complications later on.

Facilitates Internationalisation

If a company is trying to expand into international markets, having detailed documentation available in multiple languages can be extremely useful. Conecta Commerce, because it is built on PrestaShop 8.0, is natively multi-language, and technical files can be linked to each language so that only localised documentation is visible in each country.

SEO and Visibility

Well-crafted documents with the right keywords can also help the online visibility of the product, especially if these documents are indexable by search engines.

In short, the availability of documents such as datasheets and product manuals in B2B ecommerce not only improves the customer experience, but can also have operational and strategic benefits for the business.

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