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When the company has multiple warehouses, whether they are part of physical shops or only exist to improve cost and delivery efficiency, we can configure the way they will operate in Conecta Commerce:


  • AllThe stock will be the result of the sum of all the selected warehouses and any customer will be able to buy if there is sufficient stock in one or more warehouses.
  • ZoneBy province or island: customers are assigned zones with the warehouses they can order from, so you will only see the total stock in those warehouses. By province or island usually
  • Customera customer can buy only from a few specific stores.


  • Simpleonly shows the label whether or not it is available in the stores.
  • Semaphoreadditionally indicates if there are few units left according to a threshold we can define ("when less than, show Last units").
  • Explicitshows the number of units available.

Conecta Commerce. Warehouses. Traffic light stock


Shipment preparation

The company can choose a logistics warehouse to be the one to receive the goods from any warehouse for shipment, or each warehouse can handle the shipment directly.

Email alert system

Conecta Commerce also has an email notification system that can be configured to send to multiple addresses.



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