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Basic functionality

Conecta Commerce is built on PrestaShop 8.0, on the basis of which advanced functionalities have been developed and will be discussed in the following sections of this documentation.


Conecta Commerce powered by PrestaShop 8.0

At its core, PrestaShop offers a robust set of catalogue management tools, allowing online shop owners to maintain comprehensive control over their products. The following is a detailed description of the catalogue-centric functionalities that PrestaShop makes available.


Product Creation and Editing

  • Basic InformationConecta Commerce allows users to enter basic product information, including product name, description, SKU and price.
  • Images and MultimediaThe platform supports the upload of multiple images per product, as well as the incorporation of videos.
  • SEOEach product can have its own meta description, meta title, and friendly URL to help optimise online presence.

Product Organisation

  • Categories and SubcategoriesProducts can be organised into different levels of categories and sub-categories, making it easier for customers to navigate.
  • Labels and FeaturesIn addition to categories, products can have tags and characteristics assigned to them for more precise filtering and searching.

Inventory Control

  • Notifications of replenishmentCustomers may request to be notified by email when the product they are looking for becomes available again.
  • Low Stock AlertsThe platform notifies when the inventory of a product reaches a minimum level, allowing preventive actions.
  • Stock Movements: Store owners can see a history of stock fluctuations for each product.

Product Personalisation

  • Product AttributesOwners can define several variants of the same product, such as size, colour, etc., each with its own SKU, price and stock.
  • Product OptionsPrestaShop allows you to add additional options that customers can select, such as gift wrapping or extended warranties.

Prices and Promotions

  • Price Rules: Specific rules can be set up to offer discounts on products, either based on quantity, customer group, or location.
  • Special Offersallows you to create limited time offers with a countdown system to incentivise purchase.

Advanced Information

  • Custom FieldsThe platform allows the inclusion of customised fields for each product, where details such as technical specifications, dimensions, etc. can be included.
  • Product ComparisonCustomers have the option to compare different products on the basis of their features and prices.

Opinions and Ratings

  • Valuation SystemCustomers can leave ratings and comments that are displayed on the product page, which can influence future purchasing decisions.
  • Comment Moderation: Shop owners can moderate ratings and comments to ensure that they are authentic and relevant.

Distribution and Visibility

  • Geographical RestrictionsConecta Commerce allows you to configure product visibility based on the visitor's geographic location.
  • Publication ScheduleOwners can schedule when a product will be visible in the shop, which is especially useful for launches and promotions.

Order Management

Order Creation and Processing

  • User InterfaceConecta Commerce has an intuitive user interface where shop owners can view all orders placed, including details such as order status, customer, total amount and other details.
  • Status Update: Owners can change the status of an order (e.g. from "pending" to "shipped") manually or set up automatic updates.

Order Tracking

  • Real-Time NotificationsThe shop owner and the customer receive real-time notifications every time the status of an order is updated.
  • Order HistoryThe platform keeps a detailed historical record of each order, including status changes, customer communications and other related events.

Shipments and Deliveries

  • Integration with MessagingConecta Commercese integrates with a variety of courier companies and shipping services, allowing automatic calculation of shipping costs.
  • SecurityIt uses secure protocols to protect user data and transactions.
  • National Coverage: It offers a wide coverage throughout Spain, reaching a variety of postcodes.
  • Delivery Times: Offers the option to set specific delivery times according to the geographic location of the recipient.
  • Delivery ModalitiesVariety of options such as delivery at specific points and the possibility for the addressee to sign for receipt.
  • Tariffs by Zone: Allows you to set shipping prices based on the recipient's location.
  • Detailed MonitoringProvides up-to-date information on the status of the parcel throughout the shipping process.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Allows tracking of packages in real time to keep customers informed.
  • Automation: Automatically generates shipping labels and other required documents.
  • Transaction SecurityIt uses encryption protocols to ensure the integrity of the data.
  • Global ServicesProvides a wide range of international services, such as tariff calculation and customs clearance.
  • Customs DocumentationFacilitates international shipments by automatically generating the necessary customs documents.
  • Variety of Options: It offers a range of shipping options, from low-cost shipments to larger loads.
  • Real-Time MonitoringProvides constant updates on the status of the parcel, from collection to delivery.
  • Currency SupportCurrency conversion: Facilitates currency conversion for international shipments, simplifying logistics.
  • Reverse logistics: Provides solutions to manage returns efficiently.
  • Automated Documentation: Automatically generates the necessary documents for dispatch and delivery.
  • Variety of Shipments: Supports a variety of package sizes and shapes, with insurance options to protect the goods.
  • Collection Points: Offers the flexibility to choose between several pick-up and drop-off points to facilitate logistics.


  • Invoice Generationallows the automatic generation of invoices, which can be customised to include the shop logo, tax details and other elements.
  • Attached documentsOther documentation, such as delivery notes and credit notes, can also be generated from the platform.


  • Multiple Payment OptionsConecta Commerce supports a wide range of payment methods, from credit cards and PayPal to cash on delivery.
  • Payment SecurityThe platform complies with payment security standards such as SSL, ensuring that customer transactions are protected.

Below we list the payment solutions available at ConectaCommerce:

  • Versatility: Allows payments by credit card, debit card and PayPal account.
  • SecurityUses multiple layers of security to protect transactions.
  • Direct Payment: Process payments directly on the checkout page without redirecting users.
  • Multiple Currencies: Supports multiple currencies, facilitating international sales.
Redsys (ServiRed / Sermepa)
  • Widely AcceptedUsed by many banks in Spain.
  • Payment Methods: Offers options such as payment in instalments and one-click payments.
  • Mobile PaymentAllows fast payments via mobile phone numbers.
  • Adapted to the Spanish marketPopular and widely used in Spain.
  • Multichannel: Offers online, mobile and in-store payments.
  • PersonalisationAbility to adapt the payment experience according to user behaviour.


Returns and Refunds

  • Returns ManagementConecta Commerce offers a section where owners can manage product returns, update return status and make refunds.
  • Return PolicyThe platform allows owners to set and customise return policies, including the time period during which returns are accepted.



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