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Tax information

The private area of Conecta Commerce is mainly aimed at providing administrative and financial information to the customer so that, in self-service and at any time and place, they can consult reports or carry out commercial transactions.

From the Private Area, customers can consult the total amount invoiced to their company grouped by quarter. In this way they can compare the data with what their company will present to the tax authorities and correct any discrepancies.

Private area - Enquiry 347


Information declarations

Information returns" are one of the mechanisms through which taxpayers (whether individuals or legal entities) provide tax information to the tax authorities. These declarations are not in themselves a form of tax payment, but serve to report various economic operations or transactions that could have tax implications.

Form 347

Form 347 is generally filed electronically through the website of the Spanish Tax Agency. This form usually requires the following information:

  • Identification of the declarant: Tax Identification Number (NIF), name or company name.
  • Year to which the declaration relates.
  • Details of transactions with third parties: TIN, name or company name, and total amount of transactions with each third party during the tax year.
  • Indication of whether transactions have been carried out in cash, among other methods of payment.

Form 415 (Canary Islands)

This form is also filed electronically with the Canary Islands Tax Agency and contains information on intra-Community transactions subject to the Canary Islands General Indirect Tax (IGIC). Some of the information that is usually requested is:

  • Details of the declarant: Tax ID number, name or company name, address.
  • Period to which the declaration relates.
  • Details of intra-Community transactions: type of transaction (delivery or purchase), description of goods or services, country of origin or destination, value of the transaction, etc.

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