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The Purchasing area covers procurement management from the management of Budgets, through the receipt of goods via Delivery Notes and the final generation of Invoices.

At a structural level, there is a great similarity between the tables used in the Sales area and in the Purchasing area, since they involve a process of movement of products in opposite directions.

In addition to Dashboards related to the volume and cost of Purchases analysed by Suppliers, Brands and Categories, BI Studio provides Dashboards that report on Average Delivery Times, Price Swings by Supplier or Top Reasons for Returns.

Demand Forecast

In addition to reports that track Purchase Budgets, we provide Demand Estimation tools that propose Purchase Orders taking into account the following factors:

  • Average delivery time per supplier: the difference in days between our order request and the physical delivery of the product to our warehouses by the supplier.
  • Daily sales rate: average daily units sold of a product over the last year
  • Current stock: physically available units in the different warehouses
  • Minimum stock: you may have established a minimum stock differentiated by Warehouse and even by Location. You may take into account seasonality and this minimum stock may be different throughout the year (accumulate more product of some Categories in certain campaigns).

With this information we can consult the Demand Forecast Panel and obtain the quantity of products that we should order from our suppliers to ensure that our stock is always higher than the minimum.


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