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The Sales Analysis Dashboards allow to know the evolution of sales over time and their distribution by Brand, Category, Customer, Store, Channel and Vendor among other dimensions.

BI Studio's structure for integrating sales allows you to detail each movement by Date, Customer, Warehouse, Product, Discount, Cost at time of sale, Taxes, etc.

BI Studio allows a comparative study with other years. It also supports the analysis of budgets set at the beginning of the financial year, allowing the monitoring of their fulfilment.

The Profit analysis allows to know the commercial margin per Product, Brand or Customer.

Some of the Panels included in the Sales module are:

  1. Summary by delegation and category.
  2. Sales by delegation and category.
  3. Detailed sales by category.
  4. Detailed sales by brand.
  5. Breakdown of profitability by category.
  6. Breakdown of profitability by brand.
  7. Quarterly evolution of sales by category.
  8. Sales Day.
  9. Sales Month.
  10. Matrix of evolution categories.


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