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The Ecommerce analysis of BI Studio focuses on 3 main points: on the one hand, completed transactions, i.e. orders received, are analysed. In this sense, the perspective has much in common with the analysis carried out in the Sales Module, but focusing exclusively on those carried out through the online channel.

On the other hand, the very nature of the channel also allows us to record unfinished sales, known as abandoned carts. This information allows us to calculate conversion rates to see how effective the Ecomerce is, and to look deeper into which Categories or Brands or times of the year have a better or worse conversion rate.

Finally, we will focus the analysis on search and user behaviour. Unlike what is analysed in the Marketing Module, these panels focus on analysing what users who are already in our Ecommerce are looking for, for how long and in which categories, products and brands in particular, not at the search engine level but in our own online shop.

In the same way as for the Sales Module and the Purchasing Module, and with the aim of not generating excessive documentation at the level of screenshots, we will show a screenshot corresponding to each Type (Summary, Details, Evolution, Current, Conversion and Behaviour) but not for each internal Section (Categories, Sites, Brands, Zones and Customers) although, as can be seen on the web or in the Windows application, all these panels have been designed and are available.

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