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The BI Studio licensing system is offered on a monthly subscription model.

There are 3 main plans whose characteristics and differences are shown on the product's commercial website. http://www.conectasoftware.com/business-intelligence/ :


BI Studio Choose your Business Intelligence plan

The plan ADVANCE is aimed at micro-companies with 1 user who wants to analyse Sales and Purchasing, Sales and Marketing modules or, if they only sell online, Ecommerce and Purchasing or Marketing. It is a model oriented to Entrepreneurs.

The plan PRO focuses on companies with up to 3 users and 4 modules that can typically cover the Financial area, Sales, Purchasing and some additional module depending on the interests of the company. It includes the automated sending of reports with the desired frequency.

The plan ENTERPRISE is designed for companies that have in-house IT resources or want to access the Report Designer to add new reports and enhance or customise existing ones.


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