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Meters are graphical displays inspired by physical devices such as speedometers, altimeters, thermometers, traffic lights or volume controls. In the field of Business Intelligence are also known as Gauges.

As they are part of the dashboards of vehicles such as cars, planes or ships, they are used in the Balanced Scorecard analogy as indicators that give a quick overview of a company's situation at a glance.

Meters or Gauges Balanced Scorecard

We can select between Circular Compass Gauges with the variations of half, quarter or three-quarter. We can also choose a rectangular gauge oriented horizontally or vertically.

The Meter settings allow you to define which value of our Data Source will be the Target and which value will be the Actual value.

For example, we can see if our costs (Target) have been lower than our revenues (Actual) and show the difference in green when it is positive. We will use the line to represent the cost indicator and the revenue indicator to visually get an idea of the distance between the two.

Meters or Gauges Balanced Scorecard



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