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Pie Chart

Pie charts show the ratio between the values represented in the area of a circle. Their use is recommended to analyse a part in relation to the whole.

Given the difficulty to perceive with segments with a similar value, its use is only recommended when the values to be shown are a maximum of 2. For example, if we want to show the percentage of products in stock compared to products out of stock, this representation will allow us to have a clear view immediately. For a larger number of values, and given the limitation of our capacity of preception in circular areas and angles, it is better to use Cartesian graphics o Treemaps.

The other recommended use is when we want to represent the area covered by a value with respect to the total.

Pie chart. Introduction

BI Studio has 2 types of Pie Charts:

  • CakeDraw the entire area of the circle up to the centre point.
  • Donutonly marks part of the outer circumference in the form of a ring

When representing KPI's based on the percentage of 100% achieved, the pie chart ring or donut leaves a free space inside that allows us to show the percentage represented in text.


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