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Geographical Maps

Much of the information that a company analyses can be directly linked to geographic content (location of Customers, our Stores, areas assigned to Commercial staff, etc.).

The concept of Location Intelligence is part of business analysis and uses Geographic Map Indicators to represent the location and sometimes the magnitude of the values represented using areas of varying size or colour.

Geographic Maps BI Studio Business Intelligence

The data source we use shall contain the geographic information in the format of Postcode, Municipality, Province or Country, or directly in Latitude and Longitude coordinates.

Map type

BI Studio has 3 types of Geographic Maps

  • Geo Point Mapallows you to place text in call format showing values on the map. For example we can indicate the amount invoiced with a box pointing to each Municipality or Province.

Business Intelligence Geographic Maps. Types

  • Bubble mapBubbles: uses bubbles whose size is variable depending on the weight, and can also have a different colour depending on some dimension. For example, we can represent invoicing by salesperson and area. The size of the bubble would be determined by the amount invoiced and the colour would be defined by the salesperson.

BI Studio Business Intelligence bubble map

  • Pie Mapshows a pie chart associated with each location on the map that will show the distribution of the values represented in each zone.

circular map BI Studio Business Intelligence


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