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Data sources

It also allows connections to ERP-type management systems, BI Studio can connect to various data sources directly through the Report Editor.

If our user has the Edit and Create reports permission, he/she will see a button with the name "Editor".

Editor BI Studio Business Intelligence

When we click on this button, a new window is displayed from which we can configure, using the "New" button, the following data sources:

BI Studio Data Sourcing Business Intelligence

Available data sources:

- Databases:


Microsoft SQL Server Firebird SAP
Microsoft Access MySQL PostgreSQL
Amazon Redshift Google BigQuery SQLite
Oracle IBM DB2 VistaDB
Teradata Pervasive PSQL XML


We will also be able to connect to online analytical processing (OLAP) technologies, whether we have server connection or file access.

Another connection possibility offered by BI Studio is through Excel files or in CSV format.

In this type of connection, a wizard will be displayed to define whether the file contains a first line as Header, whether it may contain empty lines (line breaks) that should be ignored, whether whitespace longer than one character should be skipped, as well as the encoding format, the separation sign and the decimal point.

BI Studio Data sources CSV files Business Intelligence

Finally, given the proliferation of online connection systems using JSON technology, we can choose a web server by specifying the URI of the service (with the possibility of specifying query parameters), as well as a file downloaded in this format or even specify a text string in JSON format.


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